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To help provide me with analytic data on the use of the site, I use Cloudflare Web Analytics – a privacy-first analytics service that doesn’t use cookies or store any data in your browser, and doesn’t fingerprint any of your data.


This site places small files known as cookies onto your computer in order to provide certain functionality and to aid in preventing malicious use of the site.

I really care about your privacy which is why I only use cookies required for the site to function properly. I do not use cookies to collect any personal data or to track you across this site or any other site.

The following is a list of the cookies used on this site and why they are required.


Set by:

Expires: Session

This is an anonymous token that is generated to help prevent cross-site request forgery.


Set by:

Expires: Session

This contains encrypted session data that stores your selected theme.

I use Cloudflare to protect this site. In addition to the cookies listed above, Cloudflare may set cookies of their own in certain situations. These are used to prevent malicious and unwanted traffic to this site and are not used for tracking purposes.

You can read more about these cookies here.